Soojin Suh, Korean creative music artist, drummer, composer living in Seoul, Korea. Soojin Suh has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising drummers in Seoul since her professional career started in 2008. As a sideman, she has performed on over twenty recordings. As a leader, she has released four records: “The Moon In Your Hand” (2014), “Strange Liberation” (2018), “Colorist” (2020), and “Roots to Branches”(2021). She is a member of the ensemble Baum Sae and Near East Quartet that has release the record, “Near East Quartet”(2018) through ECM records. They are currently touring all over the world.


서수진 1집 The moon in your hand 발표(2015) / [Moon in your hand] 2015 – Soojin Suh Quintet
서수진 2집 Strange Liberation 발표(2018) / [Strange Liberation] 2018 – Soojin Suh Chordless Quartet
니어이스트퀄텟 Near East Quartet 발표(2018) / [Near East Quartet] 2018 – Near East Quartet
서수진 3집 Colorist 발표 (2020) / [Colorist] 2020 – Soojin Suh Coloris Trio
밤 새  EP Embrace 발표 (2020) /  [Embrace] 2020 – Baum Sae
고단열 + 서수진 Alchemy 발표 (2020) / [Alchemy] 2020 – Daniel Ko + Soojin Suh
서수진 4집 Roots to Branches 발표 (2021) / [Roots to Branches] 2021- Soojin Suh Chordless Quartet

2018 International Songwriting Competition Jazz 부문 3위
2020 August, Bandcamp, The best jazz on Bandcamp 선정 – [Colorist] by SooJin Suh Coloris Trio
2020-2021 독일 Jazz Ahead Oversea 부문 Showcase artist 선정 – SooJin Suh Chordless Quartet
2020 London K-Music Festival – SooJin Suh X Kit Downs
2021 정규 3집 “Colorist” 한국대중음악상 최우수연주상 수상 (Korean Music Award – Best Performance)
2021 Naver Onstage 2.0 무한의 자유 – 서수진
2021 London K-Music Festival – SooJin Suh Coloris Trio X Camilla George