SooJin Suh, Drummer, composer and educator SooJin Suh has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising drummer in Seoul since her professional career start in 2008. Born in Seoul, Korea in 1984. SooJin studied classical piano from age 5 and have been studying drum at the age of 17. She has a BFA degree from the City College of New York. After she graduated from City College she returned to Seoul and began freelancing with a wide spectrum of musicians. As a sideman she has performed on over twenty recordings. As a leader she released two records [The Moon In Your Hand] 2014, and [Strange Liberation] 2018 which shows her diverse musical spectrum. She is also included Near East Quartet, which is released 2018 august with ECM record, currently touring all over the world.



The City College of New York 졸업
서수진 1 The moon in your hand 발표(2015)
서수진 2 Strange Liberation 발표(2018)
2018 International Song writing Competition Jazz부문 Winner 3rd place. (겨울에 피는 )
2018 Trx Cymbal International Artist
서울숲 재즈페스티벌 2017 서수진x남메아리
2018 EBS 한국재즈의 오늘 이준삼x이윤나x서수진
현대카드 언더스테지 이적 curated 남메아리x서수진
Near East Quartet (ECM) 발매 (2018)
London jazz festival 2018 N.E.Q
서울숲 Jazz Festival 2018 서수진 Chordless Quartet
청남대 Jazz Festival 2019 서수진 Chordless Quartet

Funkafric booster 1 (2006)
Funkafric booster 2 (2009)
Yana Bibb 1 (2013)
International Patdown Trio + Sextet  (2014)
송용창 싱글사랑의 시간(2014)
송용창 – ‘비행’[강의노래] (2014)
이용문 그룹 – Live at Palm(2014)
SooJin Suh 서수진 1 (2015)
임달균 – Friends n’swing (2015)
이한얼 트리오1 (2015)
정주영 The creation (2015)
마호가니킹 싱글운명 (2015)
정미조37 (2016)
이지연 컨템포러리 재즈오케스트라 – Feather, dream drop(2017)
송하철 Straight Life(2017)
김광민 6 You and I (2017)
이한얼 Mauritius Live (2018)
성수빈 Keep playing (2018)
안재진 Seoul People (2018)
선미킴 Blow by Blow(2018)
서수진 2 Strange Liberation (2018)
송하철 싱글 5/16 (2018)
송하철 싱글 감정의 기복 (2018)
송하철 싱글 signal (2018)
마호가니킹 바빠야 (2018)
성지선 Secret Forest싱글 (2018) 비밀의
Near East Quartet (2018)
마호가니킹 정규3 (about me,malc) (2018)
성지선 Secret Forest싱글 (2019) Mio