Baum Sae

Baum Sae is a collaborative project between Korean creative music artist and drummer Soojin Suh and Geomungo player Gina Hwang, combined with Pansori Singer Kim Borim. 

Formed in 2020, Baum Sae released the new EP [Embrace] in April. Baum Sae pursues the value of ‘coexistence’ by embracing the ‘difference’, pioneering a new music genre beyond Korean traditional music and jazz combined. 

For this reason, while Baum Sae is not inclined towards or absorbed by a particular genre of music, the project has succeeded in creating a totally new style that developed along with the rise of Baum Sae. Three musicians at the height of their artistic powers in Korea create remarkable synergy by integrating their artistic world and sound, and set a good example to the music scene as the well balanced ensemble. 

Baum Sae was invited to the Yeowoorak Festival in July 2022 at the National Theater of Korea and is expected to release a new studio album in June.


2020 8월 EP앨범 [Embrace]발표 (Mung Music Label) 


Video (coming soon)