Chordless Quartet

Soojin Suh Chordless Quartet is a team formed by a drummer and composer, Soojin Suh. 
The team released first album ‘Strange Liberation’ album in April, 2018.
The concept of Chordless Project is freedom from all kinds of polyphonic instruments.
The interplay, in freedom, between the four skillful members of the team is quite impressive.
Such exceptional performances are clearly and explicitly played out throughout the entire album ‘Strange Liberation’.

In an era where freedom of an individual is becoming increasingly important,
freedom of an individual which lacks consideration for others can become violence exercised against others at times. This idea served as the core and the basis of the Chordless Project.

The composition which excluded polyphonic instruments allowed higher degrees of freedom to all of the members,
and leader Soojin Suh wanted to testify to the ultimate freedom that can be created through consideration for others.